Imagination Express Arts Education program for students K-12

Get ready to IMAGINE, EXPLORE, CREATE and  GROW. Join us on a magical playground where well-known stories, themes, and topics explored through Music, Movement, and Monologue introduce students K-12 to the world of theater.


Diction, breathing,  composition, vocal performance and instrumentation


Coordination, motor skills, balance, stretching, and terminology


Critical thinking, character analysis,  scene execution, acting styles

World Stage Theatre is a multi-cultural, intergenerational arts organization with a focus on history and storytelling. The Imagination Express Arts Education program envelopes Music,  Movement, and Monologue (M3), giving students the opportunity to IMAGINE a better world, EXPLORE theatre, CREATE art, and GROW as individuals in community with one another.  Through our program, developed for the classroom, workshops, and camps, students of all levels are able to explore the arts, sharpen their skills, receive live theatre exposure, and experience performing on stage with peers and, at times, professional artists.

With a focus on the process and how we use art as a tool in everyday life, thousands of Portland metropolitan area youth, which are now professional actors, counselors, chefs, musicians…have participated in this exciting program. 


Affordable, accessible programming to youth ages K-12.

Mentoring and job opportunities for high school and college students

Exposure to multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary art forms

Tools to grow as artists and human beings 

Live, public performing experience 

Exploration and Expression  

Residencies: held in the fall, winter, spring, and ready to come to your school!  | Summer Camp: June-August for K-8 students | Masterclasses/Workshops taught by local and national artists | Classes: taught by World Stage Theatre’s energetic professional performing artists and young scholars.

Contact with any questions you may have including rates, curriculum, or bringing our production to your school.

“If you fall in love with the imagination, you understand that it is a free spirit. It will go anywhere, and it can do anything.” ―Alice Walker